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Bulldozer undercarriage parts

Bulldozer undercarriage parts

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The bulldozer is a great piece of equipment used to clear land, rock, sand and wreckage often found in construction, mining, and farming. This type of constant contact with material and repeated force on the machine cause a heavy need of parts support. Constant maintenance of your ground-engaging tools helps prolong the life of your blade and monitoring your undercarriage ensures maximum efficiency on the job site.

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The various components of a crawler undercarriage — links, pins, bushings, sprockets, rollers, idlers, shoes and frames —seem relatively simple, straightforward parts. But make no mistake; when these components are assembled into a system that supports and propels a track-type machine, the dozer undercarriage becomes a complex mechanism, which, experts tell us, might account for half (or more) of a crawler dozer’s lifetime repair bill.

Obviously, we can’t address the crawler undercarriage in as much detail here. But we can review some basics about design, wear factors (for chains and sprockets, in particular), maintenance practices and operating techniques, which, taken together, might help you curb undercarriage wear and, consequently, trim undercarriage costs.

In broadest terms, dozer undercarriages can be categorized by how the pins and bushings are lubricated — or not lubricated. The pins and bushings, of course, create the hinges in the track chain that allow the chain’s links to bend around the crawler’s sprockets and idlers.

HONGDA dozer undercarriage parts places a strong emphasis on the supply of complete components for all of your bulldozer needs. Whether you’re in the market for new aftermarket, genuine surplus, good used, or remanufactured, we can help support your repair needs. With our extensive network of premium manufacturers, you’ll be guaranteed to experience a reduced downtime and increased productivity
HONGDA dozer undercarriage parts supplies quality branded Korean and Italian Undercarriage that will save you piles of cash from your OEM dealer.
We offer a 2 year 3000 hour warranty on our products.

Call us or submit an online quote request to start saving on your undercarriage costs!

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